Donut Worry Bundle: Donut Worry, Just Doodle Book & Mini Donut Crayon Tub 🍩

Rs. 2,090.00
Rs. 1,776.00

A sweet surprise! The tub of donuts & personalised doodle book is the perfect gift for your sweet little tot. Comes with 5 Assorted & Colourful donut-shaped crayons and a Personalised Donut Doodle Book, perfect for your little budding artist! 🍩👩‍🎨

Tub of Donut Crayons: This collectable tub of donuts comes in 5 colourfully creative donut-shaped crayons that are perfect for all your little one’s tiny adventures!

Personalized Donut Doodle Book: This goes together with our Tub of Donuts like coffee & donuts! Comes with a personalized cover & 50 blank pages inside for boundless imagination and creativity.  

Note: While our Donut Crayons may look rather yummy, PLEASE DO NOT BITE EAT or CONSUME! ❌

  • Recommended for ages 2+
  • Ships pan-India within 7-10 working days
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