Gratitude Journal

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Rs. 344.00

A daily journal & a simple practice that instills an attitude of gratitude fosters kindness & promotes positive habits in our tiny citizens.

Ideal for kids aged 6 – 12, the Ellybean gratitude journal is designed with simple methods, colourful illustrations and lovable characters to make journaling fun & easy for little ones.

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Size: 8.27 x 5.83in (A5), softbound with 96 pages.


  • Encourages children to pause, reflect & practice gratitude.
  • It enables young ones to focus on positive things. 
  • Promotes happiness & self-confidence.
  • Lays the foundation for kind and healthy habits for years to come.

Easy to use: 

  • Step by step instructions included 
  • Short & simple methods, which don’t involve too much writing
  • Includes options to draw for children to make this fun
  • High-quality binding that makes it easy to write in
  • A daily writing opportunity that also helps children academically with handwriting, spelling, and sentence structure.


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