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We’re sure most you lovely moms clicked on this title in jet speed because you’re always looking for ways to bring down screen time, right? This bite out of the Ellybean Jar tackles just that. Although leaving an iPad may seem like the easiest way to get a toddler through lunch or dinner, it doesn’t have to be the only way. In this read, we’re bringing you five fun ways to entertain your little one while feeding them. Think of sensory activities, some fun, some colour & much more. These ideas are stress-free, mess-free, and most importantly; screen-free!

Hear What You Eat

Like the wheels of the bus go round & round, the sound of cereal goes crunch crunch crunch. Mealtime is the best time to get your little one to understand the sounds of the things they eat on a regular basis.

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Dips Are My BFF

If your kids already have a lot to do with their meal, they won’t need anything else to grab their attention. Introduce meals in the form of sticks and a variety of dips so as to encourage the activity of picking up a piece of food dipping it in a cup and then eating it. This prolonged action is a fun activity in itself.

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Doodle With Lunch

By far the simplest thing to do, leave a little colouring or doodle book alongside their plate of food. Or better yet, Ellybeans very own Colour Me In reusable dining mats. It goes like; color, erase, color & repeat, every time you have a big meal. Shop the mat here.

Help Away

When children are involved in the process, they’ll appreciate the food more and eat it even more easily. Take a cue from Instagrams Favorite Mini Chef Kobe YN for this one!


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The Food Color Wheel

The more colourful the food, the more attracted your toddlers will be and the more they’ll learn about their colours as they get through their meal. We see this one as a win, win & win! Add colour to your little one’s meals and serve them a rainbow on a plate to brighten their mood in a jiffy. For some easy recipes & ideas by click here.

We hope you enjoyed reading this snippet! If you try any of them and find it helpful don’t forget to share them with us on our Instagram @ellybeandesigns!  

Here’s to mealtime feeling like a breeze!

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