Ever seen a stained glass so beautiful you wished you could recreate it at home and maybe you also just wanted to find a creative mess-free craft to keep your tot busy while you get to your chores or maybe an artsy craft to do with your little one, whatever may be the case we’ve got just the fun, all-inclusive DIY craft for you! 

The DIY Suncatcher from Ellybean! It’s a colourful and fun DIY activity that can be curated based on your lil one’s name or initial and even in the design of their choice. Whether they’re a budding astronaut or future paleontologist, we have a design for them! 

Besides being a cute addition to their creative sleeve, the DIY suncatcher makes for the perfect room decor and brings in a rainbowy delight every time the sun shines on it. 

So why do we love the Suncatcher so much:

1. It's Mess-Free

The DIY Suncatcher is a beautiful mess-free craft that allows your kids to explore their creative side by mixing and matching colours to reveal a rainbow of their dreams. It’s super easy to craft and requires no special tools.

2. It's the Perfect Indoor Activity

The suncatcher is the perfect indoor activity and makes for beautiful room decoration!

3. It's Perfect for Spending Some Quality Time 

Our DIY suncatcher is a great way to spend some quality time with your lil one!

4. It's Personalized

 Whether it’s your name or initials, our DIY Suncatchers can be personalized. You can also choose a design of your choice, so whether it’s a rocket, dino, or a unicorn, there’s a design for you!

5. It's an All-Inclusive Kit

Which means you don’t have to go running around trying to get the art supplies required for this craft, it’s super simple, straightforward, and easy to use.

6. It's the Perfect Room Décor 

The most beautiful part about the Suncatcher is that it captures the warmth and light from the sun and transforms it into reflections of rainbows that brings such a vibey look and feel to the entire room. 

 Here are some of the cool sun catchers our little ellybeaners have made! 

This Valentine’s Day we decided to colour your lil tots world in the Shades of Love with our all New DIY Heart Suncatcher! It’s the perfect valentines day gift, as it comes in shades of red & pink, it’s mess-free and an all-inclusive kit!