With Summer rolling in and the days getting longer, having an indoor craft to do especially when you’ve got a lil one, is a blessing.

 Here at Ellybean, we understand that and we have curated the perfect sets & gifts you can get for your little one - It’s all summer-themed & inclusive for everything you’d possibly need. It’s a one-stop-shop for all your creative needs.

Donut Worry Bundle:  Doodle Book & Mini Donut Crayon Tub

A sweet surprise! The tub of donuts & personalised doodle book is the perfect gift for your sweet little tot. Comes with 5 Assorted & Colourful donut-shaped crayons and a Personalised Donut Doodle Book, perfect for your little budding artist! 

Donut worry! Little Artist gift: Doodle Book & Name Crayon Set

This my friend, is the secret to a SWEET gift! This personalized Donut Doodle Book & Personalised Name Crayon Set is sure to make any child feel super duper special! With this set, your little artist has everything they need to get started. The personalization and bright RAINBOW colours make this the ultimate gift!

Donut worry, just doodle book

Glaze your doodles with sprinkles of imagination & creativity with our Personalised Donut Drawing Book. Comes with a personalised cover & 50 blank pages inside for boundless imagination and creativity. 

Mini Donut Crayon Tub

This tub of donuts is handmade with love using non-toxic crayons! Comes with a mixture of frosted, drizzled, and glazed donuts in bright RAINBOW colours. It’s the perfect size for your little one’s tiny hands & makes colouring so easy & effortless.

Space Mega Bundle

Launch your little one into their very own creative space adventure with this Space Mega Bundle!

Bundle Includes:
- DIY Rocket Suncatcher 🚀
- Stardust & Space Drawing Book 🌌
- Personalised Name Crayons 🖍

Dinomite Mega Bundle

A Mega Bundle where they can roar, draw and create dino-mite doodles in their very own dinosaur-themed drawing book using our name crayons.

Bundle Includes: 
- DIY Dino Suncatcher 🐱‍🐉
- Dino-mite Drawing Book 📕
- Personalised Name Crayons 🖍

Unicorn Mega Bundle

Hop on over the rainbow & get colourfully creative with this MAGICAL Mega Bundle! 

Bundle Includes: 
- DIY Unicorn Suncatcher🦄
- Unicorns & Rainbows Drawing Book 🌈
- Personalised Name Crayons 🖍

What’s the Scoop Mega Bundle

Make the most of your art time with our ice-cream themed Mega Bundle, It’s a gift that is sure to make your lil tot melt! 

Bundle Includes: 
- DIY Popsicle Suncatcher 🍦
- What's The Scoop? Drawing Book 📕
- Personalised Name Crayons 🖍

DIY Popsicle Suncatcher

A colourful & fun DIY activity where you can create your own personalised Popsicle sun-catcher using coloured tissue. It's an easy to make, mess-free craft and a perfect indoor activity.

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