We started on this journey on February 8th, 2019 and it has been the most magical, fulfilling, and biggest learning curve for us. We achieved several major milestones, learned tonnes of wisdom from our actions, and went on to reach out to each one of you all over the country.

Ellybean Designs IndiaOur first Ellybean Logo Prototype Courtesy: Ellybean Archives

Ellybean Designs IndiaOur very first Ellybean product - Personalised Name Frames

From being a trendy new gift store in the city to shipping out orders to all the major cities in India, we have grown a lot and so has our goal for the company.

Name Crayons

We pondered hard over what made you and fellow customers like about Ellybean so much and what could we do to make it better. And we realised these three key aspects -  

1. Personalisation

We started on this journey intending to make the entire kids-gifting experience more personalised and through our countless interactions with you all, our belief in personalisation just became stronger. 

Name Crayons

2. Magic

Yeah, that’s right. The good old “Magic of Gifting” - creating an unforgettable moment with simple yet heart-warming gestures and gifts. At the new Ellybean, we’ve tried to enhance the entire gifting experience right from unwrapping the present. 

My Art Box

3. Creativity

Creativity is at the heart of whatever we do. From our logo to our products - our every effort is to bring something creative into this world. With our new journey, we want to amplify this creativity in the form of cool, colourful and innovative gifts that make little minds go creative.

Activity & Colouring Book

Thus began the making of a brand new Ellybean - Personalised, creative gifts that are magical! 

From new product development to improving the existing ones, a lot of brainstorming and hard work went into creating the brand new Ellybean. We also changed the look and the feel of our store and the socials. 

Here’s a small sneak peek of all the background hustle, just for you. 

So here we are - The brand new Ellybean Designs where -

Everything is Personalised,
Everything is Magical,
Everything is Creative &
Everything is RAINBOW

Ellybean Designs India

Join us in our quest to make gifting a magical experience and help us spread joy, one Ellybean at a time. Check out our brand new store! Follow us on our Instagram for some fun content. 

Keep watching this space for more surprises! 

See you the next time,
Team Ellybean