Launching a new collection is a different journey in itself. You need to find your WHYs, HOWs and WHOs while staying close to your main purpose.
Our journey of making the PRECIOUS Collection is nothing less than an adventure. In the midst of a chaotic year, we actually made a decision to create a gifting range that celebrated the arrival of a new life and commemorated this moment for the lifetime. 
So here’s the Making of PRECIOUS by Ellybean - A story of hope, persistence, change and everything in between! 


The origin of PRECIOUS has two sides to it. On one hand, I realized the newborn baby gifting segment is over-saturated with baby clothes and swaddles. While we love baby essentials, sometimes you want something a bit more unusual, a rare find to show them just how excited you are! I wanted to make it personal and special, for my nearest and dearest. Also, with COVID disrupting the way people celebrated events, I realised that I need to expand Ellybean’s gifting scope to more avenues apart from Birthdays and Holidays. And the constant queries that we got from our followers for a personalised newborn gift just made our determination stronger!

The other thing that I strongly felt was that our markets lacked newborn gifts that were gender-neutral. We are so accustomed to the age-old “Blue for Boys and Pink for Girls'' standard that it is almost difficult to find a baby gift that is not hinting at these gender stereotypes. And, if there is something our existing collection at Ellybean was telling us, it's that moms love buying Astronaut & Dino themed doodle books for their daughters, nieces. Hello, 2021 and goodbye stereotypes! We knew we had to spread our Ellybean magic in the new-born gifting section as well and create this heart-warming gifting range that was personalised and refreshingly gender-neutral. 
So join us as we relive those magical moments where we loved working on every new idea, tiny detail, whimsical illustrations and more! Finally, our Precious was born.


First Precious Prototype

One of the first PRECIOUS Prototypes

From Sketch to Reality:

A lot has gone into curating the PRECIOUS gifting range. Every tiny detail, every single illustration was well thought-over and carefully weaved to create the perfect gift for life’s most precious moments.

1. Endless virtual brainstorming sessions from across the continent

Brainstorming for Precious - Newborn baby gifts

Precious Virtual Brainstorm sessions

2. The magical transformation of a rough sketch to a beautiful illustration that will melt hearts.

Rough sketches, newborn baby gifts, newborn personalized memory book

A Star is Born Personalised Baby Book

Wild About You personalised baby book

Wild About You Personalised Baby Book

3. Bringing the imagination to life, one frame at a time! 

Work in progress for A Star is Born Personalized Baby Book

A Transition still for A Star is Born Personalized Baby Book

4. Working on the tiniest of details to paint that gorgeous big picture!

Precious by Ellybean Brand Style Guide

PRECIOUS by Ellybean - Logo and Brand Identity Guidelines

Precious by Ellybean logo options

The few options we did for our PRECIOUS logo 

Precious By Ellybean Packaging

PRECIOUS packaging

It took an Army to launch this baby!

There’s a list of people I would love to thank. Without them, this journey wouldn’t have been this memorable. 

Firstly, I would like to thank my dearest friend and the co-illustrator of PRECIOUS - Tanishaa Cunha. She has given a new life to the collection with her creativity. You can check out her work here

I would like to thank the team at Studio Pyxis and Studio Rever for the most wonderful pictures of the entire collection! Couldn’t have pictured them any better. Here’s some BTS from the shoot:

Precious BTS of the photoshoot

Creating this collection from two different countries and co-ordinating the entire process was a giant task. This wouldn’t have been possible without my close friends and family- our model Rashi Beswal, and our Ellybean MVP (who btw have some amazing precious gifts themselves, the cutest little nazariyas and jewelry for baby and kids. Check their beautiful brand Theia Fine Jewelry here). They held the ground when things got overwhelming and kept us grounded with their honest feedback. 

And lastly, a huge thanks to the Team Ellybean who actually run the show behind the scenes! Right from taking orders, chatting with customers, content curation and packing this wonderful gifting range that will definitely melt hearts! 

Thank you for joining me on this PRECIOUS chapter. 

To new beginnings and new babies!
Priyanka Beswal,
Founder - Ellybean Designs