2020 has been a strange year so far, for all of us. The global pandemic of COVID-19 has taken us all by storm, changing the way we work, school, socialize, bake, eat, and more. I suddenly feel like I’m in the Jetsons, where we all have space bubbles around us that separate the air we breathe (read, “masks”), an overwhelming number of video calls (hello, Zoom), and almost everything we do is floating on a digital cloud-only it’s not as fun, and it’s got the eerie vibe of the Adams family.
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While the virus has brought about a lot of change and has left us all feeling gutted and worried about our loved ones, business and more – my rant on this ugly virus ends here.

Instead, I’ve decided that I’m going to use this time to ideate more, create more, and connect more. I’m grateful for good health and protection so far, and I want to make each day count. With that, I want to introduce you to the Ellybean Jar (one of the results of this new, positive approach)

Ellybean Jar

The Ellybean Jar is our new blog on Ellybean. It’s a space where we are going to get personal, go behind the scenes, share cool new features & connect with our Ellybean family.

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What you can expect: Some emotion, a few laughs, & some cool useful tips! We’ll chat about topics ranging personal stories and the Ellybean journey, behind-the-scene sneak peeks, tips and tricks on picking the best gifts for kids AND some entertaining, funny memes and more crafted especially for mommies. We’ll also throw a spotlight on our favourite Ellybean flavor once a month – to show you a few of my personal favourites, must-haves, and what’s new in-store.
I am so excited to start this new space and connect with you, so join me in taking a sweet bite out of the Ellybean Jar. 

Stay tuned for our next post, on the 1st of June. Till then, stay bright, stay positive and stay safe.

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