Ever wanted to impress your kid, niece or nephew with a Christmas present that is just AWESOME?! We know, we all want to be that parent or relative whose gift just became the “Gift of the Year!” 

So we somehow persuaded the Little Elves at the Gift Factory of the North Pole and sourced out this fool-proof cheat sheet from Mr. Claus himself!  

Tip #1:  “Personalise Your Gift” 

Every child is one-of-a-kind, so why not have a gift that is as unique & special as them? Receiving a gift that is “exclusively” for them, not just so on the gift wrap, makes kids go “Wow”! They won’t just love the gift but remember it as well! We just have some cool personalised Christmas gift ideas which you’ll love!

Personalised Doodle Books

Our premium quality, Personalised Doodle Books are made to impress your Little Picasso! It is wire-bound, so you can easily remove and put up memorable art on the fridge and contains 50 blank pages inside. The Christmas Collection Doodle Books come in two vibrant versions:  Personalised Doodle Books for Kids

Tip #2: "Rekindle the Christmas Spirit!" 

Kids love Christmas because it’s just so magical! Recreate that Christmas Magic through your gift! Now where to find gifts as magical, you ask? Right here!

Personalised Stockings

Our personalised colour-me-in stockings make the perfect Christmas gift! Your little one is going to have a “Beary Special Time” colouring away & creating their very own Christmas masterpiece! Made with faux leather, a glitter cuff & neon pom-poms - this stocking isn't your typical Santa stocking! The colour me stocking comes in two amazing variants, and for little bubs celebrating their first Christmas, we have the softest and cutest personalised reindeer stocking!

Personalised Colour Me In Stocking

Holiday Name Crayons

Nothing seems more magical than our Holiday Name Crayons! In fact, to make them extra-special for Christmas, we dipped them in the magical glitter from the North Pole! With a reindeer box and seasonal Christmas shapes like gingerbread men, stars and gift boxes - Holiday Name Crayons are the ultimate stocking stuffers for a magical Christmas. They come packed & ready with a Christmas ribbon and gift tag, so you can spread your holiday cheer fuss-free & easily! And if you are lucky to get a filler crayon, you might get some really cute seasonal Christmas shapes like gingerbread men, stars and gift boxes! Shop them here.

Holiday Personalised Name Crayons

Tip #4 Bundle It Up!

Personalised Gift Bundles

Why stop at a single gift! We strongly believe in “Double the gift, Triple the happiness!” So gift your favourite little ones some really cool Gift Bundles! Don’t head out already, we have them sorted for you, right here! Awesome gift bundles that actually give a pretty decent deal (monetarily, as well). Don’t believe us? Check these out!

Christmas Gift Bundle

We hope this helps you overcome the gifting woes and stand out in this year’s Best Gift Showdown! We would love to see the happiness on your little one’s faces! If you Do share their reactions with us on our Instagram at @ellybeandesigns! 

Here’s to being the best gifter and bringing Xmas magic from Santa himself! 

Ho Ho Ho! 

Until next time,
Ellybean & Santa’s Elves