“The moment I heard that surprised cry, I knew it! I knew it in my bones, in my tears, in my smile, in my heart.  At that very moment, I knew... that my PRECIOUS had arrived!” 

Precious - It’s a feeling, an emotion, an unsung devotion that we feel for this tiny little life that has just arrived into this world. The very moment it has arrived, we know it is going to be the brightest star of our Universe for a long, long time. 

We wanted to create something that celebrates these intimate moments, this absolute Euphoria of welcoming a new life! We know that these moments are priceless.  They are wondrous, triumphant and irreplaceable.  A gift that celebrates these rare moments has to be magical and precious, just like the moment itself. This is how PRECIOUS was born. 

We are thrilled to introduce our newest collection, PRECIOUS by Ellybean

A premium range of newborn baby gifts that are straight from the heart, and will be treasured forever. 

Here’s what you’ll love about this collection:

  • Detailed Personalization: Personalized from cover to cover, for a baby book like no other. 
  • Gender Neutral Newborn Baby Gift: Pink or Blue? We choose Love! A beautiful and thoughtful gift set for both baby girls and baby boys alike. 
  • A Rare Find They’ll Treasure Forever: A gift they won't already have. We promise it will be unique, heartfelt & magical.

PRECIOUS Personalized Baby Books 

What: A personalized baby book, with a heart melting personalized story about the baby AND a memory book to capture precious firsts!

You Will Love It Because: It's a unique keepsake that's made especially for new parents with tiny personalized details on each page. Plus, & it's beautifully gift wrapped in timeless packaging and is a luxurious choice for a baby gift.

Choose from: We have two adorable designs in store for you. Pick from a A Star is Born for fuzzy bears and starry skies, or Wild About You for an animal packed delight that spells out your love for the baby with each letter of their name!

newborn baby gift, precious by ellybean, personalised baby gift, baby story book, baby memory book

Wild About You Baby Book

Wild About You Story and Memory book, newborn personalised gift

Wild About You Baby Book - A Beautiful Personalized Story

Wild About You personalised memory book, newborn baby gift

Wild About You Baby Book - Precious Prompts for Precious Firsts 

PRECIOUS Milestone Cards: 

What: Beautifully illustrated milestone cards to capture the tiny but mighty triumphs of your little bubs! 

Why You'll Love It: Pack of 24 cards that include monthly milestones with a mix of important and witty milestones which are beautifully gift wrapped. 

Choose from: Star is Born milestone cards with a beary special surprise and  Wild About You milestone cards with cute animal illustrations. 

newborn baby milestones, monthly milestones

New baby monthly milestones, milestone cards, baby milestones, newborn milestones

PRECIOUS Personalised Stationery for Kids:

What: The perfect personalized touch for precious thank you cards, birthday greetings, and more tiny notes from the nursery. 

Why You'll Love It: The very first stationery set for the newest born with their name personalized on each card with non-personalised envelopes. Comes in a beautifully gift wrapped box, ready to gift! 

Choose from: Star is Born personalised stationery with starry details or Wild About You personalised stationery with cute animal illustrations. 

personalized stationery for new babies, newborn stationery cards

PRECIOUS Newborn Flashcards:

What: Cute Reversible cards with high contrast monochrome alphabet patterns on one side and animals on the other side.

Why You'll Love It: A great gift that helps the baby with visual stimulation and can be used as an easy learning tool for baby’s initial learning days in the near future. Adorable illustrations with a luxurious packaging that will steal everyone’s attention. 

Get your High Contrast ABC Animal Flash Cards!

newborn flash cards




Our Precious Collection makes for the most beautiful gift sets! Build Your own Gift set or choose from our Ready-to-Gift bundles to give the most magical newborn baby gift! Delight new parents with these ultimate Gift sets. Shop the gift sets here. 

Precious newborn baby gift sets

PRECIOUS Ready-to-go-Gift Sets:

My Precious Firsts Gift Set: A Star Is Born

This premium new baby gift bundle is the ultimate gift set for a newborn baby, with unique personalized gifts that are perfect for treasuring precious firsts. 

This Gift Set includes:

Personalised Story & Memory Book
Matching Milestone Cards
Matching Personalized Stationery
High Contrast ABC Animal Flash Cards

precious newborn baby gift set

Choose from any of our curated Ready-To-Go Gift Sets!  

PRECIOUS Build-Your-Own Gift Sets

If you want to create your own magical gift set, you can build your own PRECIOUS gift set! Using the book as a base, you can add on any one or two add ons of your choice.

Build Your Own - Set of 3
Add any two gifts to your Personalised Story & Memory Book and pick any two add on’s from 

  • Matching Milestone Cards
  • Matching Personalised Stationery
  • High Contrast ABC Animal Flash Cards 

Choose from A Star is Born or Wild About You Gift Sets. 

 build your own gift set of 3, newborn gift set

Build Your Own - Set of 2
Gift the Star Is Born Personalised Story & Memory book, and make it even more precious by adding-on a second gift from
  • Matching Milestones Cards
  • Matching Personalized Stationery
  • High Contrast ABC Animal Flash Cards

Choose from A Star is Born or Wild About You Gift Sets

build your own gift set of 2, newborn gift set

Finding the perfect gift for a new baby can seem overwhelming, but we are here to help you make it special and precious! Shop for your next gift from our PRECIOUS By Ellybean Collection. 

Need more help? 

Write to us at hello@ellybeandesigns.com and our friendly Elly will help you find the perfect choice!

A Precious Hug to all,
Team Ellybean.