Crayons are the one thing every lil kid has in common aside from being absolutely adorable! It’s been a cult favorite since we were kids. It's that one thing we all had in our little pouches and every art class would be filled with crayon mavens.
And coloring is a great way for kids to express their creativity. So why not?
But the problem lies with the fact that everyone’s crayons were the same! And no one could tell theirs apart from the person sitting next to them.

*Enter Ellybean* 

A personalized twist on a cult favouite! YES PLEASE. 

Our Name Crayons are personalized with your little one’s name, sparkling and glowing in all the shades of the rainbow! 

The Ellybean range of Personalised Name Crayons are the perfect gifts for your little one:

1. Non-Toxic

They are non-toxic and safe for kids! It’s the perfect art supply for your little one.We promise that these crayons will leave you and your little ones smiling and feeling bright like the colors of the rainbow!

2. Chunky & Durable

Our crayons are chunky and durable making it the best fit for a tiny hand! They’re sturdy and will not break down under pressure, so your little artist can be as creative as they’d like.

3. Perfect for Letter Recognition

Our Personalized Name Crayon Set is perfect for letter recognition! It makes learning alphabets fun & the vibrant Rainbow Colors allow for endless creative expression.

4. Personalised

There is no better gift than the gift of personalisation. The Name Crayon’s by Ellybean is the perfect gift, that shows thoughtfulness, creativity and a shower of love!

5. Bright & Colourful

Our Personalised Name Crayons are bright, colourful, pigmented and come in all the shades of the rainbow. There is honestly no better way to brighten up your lil one's day, our crayons are sure to bring a bright smile to that tiny face.  
If you're looking for the best non-toxic and personalized crayons we got you!!

The Personalised Name Crayons by Ellybean is everything your Lil one needs. It’s non-toxic, chunky, durable and most importantly it’s magical. It’s personalized and has all the shades of the rainbow!! You can save more when you buy the Activity & Crayon bundle.

Happy Colouring!!