Christmas Living Room

With all that’s been happening around this year and keeping in mind the safety of our loved ones, Christmas this year won’t have the usual frolicking around and get-togethers! But don’t dampen your Christmas Spirits just yet!

We have curated our own special recipe for you to enjoy an Ellybean's Homemade Christmas with your near and dear ones!

Here’s a list of super simple activities that you can do with your little ones at home, and make some adorable Christmas memories while you’re at it!

1. Easy Faux Gingerbread Houses: Start your day with some DIY delectable! Kids love Gingerbread cookies and building the gingerbread houses. But the time it takes to bake gingerbread cookies from the scratch (let’s not forget the mess that it creates) is a little too long! So, we have found a rather simple way to do this activity, minus all the fuss. All you need is this small list of ingredients and your little sous chef to help you create these cute houses.
Ingredients: Malted Milk biscuits, Icing Sugar, Sprinkles, M&Ms, Smarties or candies of your choice.  
For a detailed recipe guide, click here. 

Easy Christmas Gingerbread House

2. DIY Pasta Noodle Ornaments: You know what’s the best part about staying in during Christmas? You get to spend some good time with your little ones! Here’s a fun Art DIY made from easily available ingredients at home for you and your little bub! All you need is some raw pasta, some paint and some cardboard to go with it! See this video for more inspiration.

Easy DIY Christmas Ornament with Raw Pasta

For a more cozy and personal Art time with your little one, get some art supplies, lay down on the floor besides them and dive into their world of wild imagination like never before! You’ll be surprised to see this new side of your baby. Pro Tip: Our Personalised Doodle Books make the best canvases!

Personalised Doodle Book for Kids


3. Set the mood with a Christmas Playlist: There are some songs that just set you in that festive mood! And you need them on your playlist! Create a fun Christmas song playlist and let it set the perfect ambience in your home. Here is our recommendation!

Christmas Songs Playlist to set the mood

4. Christmas Movie Marathon: After loading yourself with some delicious Family Christmas Lunch, it’s time for some cozying around! Dimmed lights, scented candles, a jar of cookies with some warm milk and Home Alone Movie marathon playing on your TV screen! Nothing spells Cozy Family Christmas better than this! This is the right time to get your kiddo to explore the timeless Christmas classics which you’ve grown to love! 

Christmas Movie Marathon Home Alone

5. Virtual Christmas Party on Zoom: Family is the essence of the Christmas Spirit and celebrations are incomplete without a jolly-good family gathering! So get down to work and plan a Virtual Christmas Party with your extended family! You can plan some fun activities for the zoom call like a Virtual Bingo game, Trivia Time, Sing-alongs and the list just goes on! Go a step further and plan a costume theme to show up at the virtual party! 

Virtual Family Get together for Christmas

6. Fill those Stockings & Unwrap Santa’s Gifts! We have saved the best for the end! Christmas is all about giving and receiving loving and thoughtful gifts! It adds magic to all the festivities! So be a diligent Santa and plan amazing gifts for your family. As for finding the perfect Christmas gifts for your little ones, we have it sorted out for you! Shop some of the most magical and personalised gifts for your little bubs from our Christmas Collection!  
Gather loads of wonderful memories with your family, this Christmas! 

Ellybean Holiday Name Crayon

    Stay Safe, Stay Indoors!

    Merry Christmas in Advance!
    From the Happy Elves at Ellybean!