Holi is an annual festival that is celebrated on the day after the full moon in the Hindu month of Phalguna (early March). The perfect end to winter, Holi rejoices in all the color that comes with the spring season.

The Festival of colours is just around the corner and we wanted to help you with some fun tips to have a vibrant Holi Celebration from the comfort of your homes! 

1. Celebrate Backyard Holi:

If you are blessed with a backyard or a terrace for that matter (we hear you city peeps!), this is the best way to celebrate an intimate Holi party at home. All you need to stock up is some fun, non-toxic Holi colours, some water guns and gather all the buckets from your house. Set up a Holi colour station in one corner of your backyard and one water-gun refill station for your little ones. To add to the fun and frolic, hit up some good old Holi Bollywood music and have an awesome time!

Holi celebration in backyard, holi at home

2. DIY Holi Colours:

One of the biggest concerns during any Holi celebration is the quality of the colours used. If you don’t want to purchase colours that are available in the market you can always make your own Holi colours at home. Here are a few suggestions:

  • For Red colour use dried red hibiscus flowers
  • For Yellow colour blend turmeric powder and gram flour in 1:2 ratio
  • For Blue colour use powdered blue hibiscus petals and rice flour in equal proportions. 

DIY Holi colours, Natural alternatives to Holi colours

3. Make It A Crafty Holi:

Have fun craft time with your little one this Holi. This Paper Pichkari Craft from thejoysharing.com is a great way to start your crafty Holi celebration! 

Holi Water Gun Craft Idea

4. Holi Themed Cupcakes: 

Whip some awesome and vibrant Holi themed cupcakes and add a sweet flavour to your intimate Holi celebration.

Holi Themed Cup Cakes, Colourful Cupkakes

5. Artsy Holi at Home: 

This is a new and unique way to celebrate Holi. Create some beautiful masterpieces with your little ones this Holi. You can check out our My Art Kit - An ultimate kit to unleash the artist within your Little Picasso! 

My Art Kit, Ellybean Art Kit, Personalised Art Kit for Kids

Hope these ideas help you in planning an awesome Holi Party. Till then stay awesome, stay vibrant and enjoy a safe Holi!

Happy Holi in advance!
From Team Ellybean!