RAINBOWS! RAINBOWS! RAINBOWS! 🌈 We all love them and are all mesmerised by them. It is one of nature’s most beautiful moments; the warm glow of the sun after a cold rainy day followed by a bright and colourful arch of colours across the sky, it truly doesn’t get better than that. Or does it?

Just like your love for RAINBOWS we too at Ellybean love them a lil too much, and so much so that we curated a line of products showcasing just that love! 

Our love from you our customers has always brightened our day and we’d like to brighten yours just a tad bit more by curating this range based on all that you’ll have asked for!

We have New Products, available in new designs, packaging, different shapes, size, colours, different price points for different occasions and so much more! 

We have 30+ New Shape Crayon Designs to choose from, so whether it's a unicorn, butterfly, dog paw, train engine, or a star we got a shape for you.
As always our crayons are handmade with love to give you only the best! 

Pick & Mix: Shape Crayons Tub - Rs. 990/-

The Pick & Mix Shape Crayon Tub is a collectable tub filled with our newest range of shape crayons. You can personalise your tub and choose the shapes your love, making it the perfect curated gift tub. This tub is perfect for gifting or even as party favours.

Rainbow in a Box Crayons - Rs. 1250/-

The RAINBOW in a box crayons brings you the best of both worlds, not only do you get our bestselling Name Crayons in the Initials of your little one but you also get our newest range of colourful shape crayons. The Initials come in a NEW bold glittery black colour,  and the rest of the box is filled with 16 assorted shapes. size and colours of our crayons making it the perfect rainbowy surprise!

Personalised Name Crayons - Rs. 1020/- onwards.

Our favourite and most loved Name Crayons are at the top of the list for bulk orders and party favours. It’s so so so perfect, I mean what better party gift return than your very own name in a colourful array of shades made for endless colouring. 

The Colouring & Activity Gift Bundles - Rs. 1887/- onwards

This Coluring & Activity Gift bundle is perfect for helping your lil one have less screentime. This activity bundle comes with an activity book filled with educational, interactive and brain testing content that will keep your lil tot busy colouring & learning for hours! It also comes with a complete Name Crayon Set making it the perfect duo for 0 screentime!

 DIY Suncatcher - Rs. 1250/-

There’s no better DIY mess-free craft than this. It’s simple but creative and makes the most beautiful of rainbows when put up against sunlight. The DIY suncatcher comes in 7 variants that can be personalised by name or initials. It comes with everything you need and doesn’t require any additional materials!

Little Artist Gift: Doodle Book & Name Crayon Sets - Rs. 1800/- onwards

The little Artist Gift comes in14 designs to choose from and everything personalised! From the Name Crayons to the Doodle Book, this is the perfect gift for any budding lil artist who wants to explore their creativity & imagination. 

We love to hear what you think, drop us a message down below or on our socials and let us know what you’d like to see from us NEXT! And for more gifts that spark creativity! Check out Ellybean Designs India today!